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Susan Humes

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“I really enjoyed Susie Humes’ advice as it helped me see aspects in my riding that I have not noticed before. My horse tends to swap when the distances are tight, especially when I’m on the left lead, and Susie recommended I keep my outside leg on and keep contact with my inside rein, which has really helped my performance in the show ring. She pointed out many helpful details and gave me useful instruction on how to fix the errors in the round. My goal as a rider is to keep my rounds more consistent and smooth, and I think with Susie’s feedback I can get one step closer to achieving this.”

Lenna Hoff 

katie kemp

“I don’t often get receive detailed and educated feedback on my IHSA over fences rounds, so Susie Humes advice was extremely helpful. Her breakdown on each element of the ride allowed me to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses. I’m looking forward to applying Susie’s suggestions to my next collegiate competition so I give myself a winning edge.”


Katie Kemp